라인업 Line-up

아래 스토리텔러의 사진을 클릭하시면 소개말을 보실수 있습니다.

스페인 (Spain) Beatriz Montero
Beatriz Montero, from Spain, has a YouTube channel of Storytelling to promote children reading with more than 100 million visits and 360,000 subscribers https://www.youtube.com/BeatrizMontero Her storytelling are also being broadcast on several televisions in Spain and Latin America. She has participated in Storytelling festivals in 22 countries on five continents.
Beatriz Montero is the author of children's literature books translated into five languages, and she is founder with Enrique Paez of the International Storytelling Network which brings together 1,351 storytellers from 62 countries on five continents.
미국 (USA) Jeff Gere
Jeff Gere, born on Halloween, lives in Honolulu. He created/hosted/produced Talk Story Festival (Hawaii's largest storytelling celebration) for 26 years. Also Talk Story Radio &Story TV. He tours Hawaii &internationally, teaches, doesshadow puppets, has lotsa projects &ideas. (www.jeffgere.com &YouTube)
루마니아 (Romania) Giorgiana Elana Popan
Giorgiana Elana Popan is a professional actress and an award-winning storyteller from Romania with many years of experience. She has performed extensively in numerous international festivals throughout the world. She has also run numerous workshops on storytelling. She is currently the director of the International Storytelling Festival in Romania.
미국 (USA) Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald
Dr.Margaret Read MacDonald Mac Donald, a Ph.D. in Folklore, made her career as a Children’s Librarian, storyteller, author, and educator. She has shared her easy-to-learn audience-participation folktale workshops in 55 countries. MacDonald is author of over 66 books on folklore and storytelling topics, including Teaching with Story and Peace Tales.
영국 (United Kingdom) Matthew James Friday
Matthew is a teacher, professional storyteller, writer and literacy consultant, and he works in an international school in Switzerland. He has experience teaching across all grades in elementary/primary schools in England, Germany and Asia. He is also a published writer and professional storyteller for children.
이탈리아 (The Italian Republic) Giovanna Conforto
Giovanna Conforto is an Italian Storyteller. She has participated in events and festivals all over Europe, North America and Asia. She is the creative director of the Italian Storytelling Centre (Portico di Romagna, IT) and teacher at the School of Storytelling, Emerson College (East Sussex, UK). She has collaborated, among others, with the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and the Global Science Opera. She tells and facilitates in English, Italian and French.
필리핀 (Republic of The Philippines) RICHARD DIAN VILAR
RICHARD DIAN VILAR is a storyteller from Butuan City, Philippines. He had told stories and gavetrainings in several Storytelling Festivals in thePhilippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Indiaand in Korea during the 2 nd Korea International Storytelling Festival. He is a culture and arts worker anddevelopment facilitator. He graduated Masters in Anthropology from the Ateneo de Davao University,Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and Bachelor of Science in Busin
케냐 (Republic of Kenya) John Titi Namai
John Titi Namai-Storyteller is a professional storyteller with a love of travel and sharing stories. He has toured in many international storytelling festivals, including Sweden, Denmark, Romania, India, South Africa,Korea,Malaysia,Uk, Ethiopia and Somalia. I participated in the 20th KANOON international Storytelling festival in Tehran and achieved third rank in the storytelling festival competition in 2018.
오스트레일리아 (Australia) Kiran Shar
Kiran is a Singaporean of Indian heritage currently living in Australia. She is the current secretary of the Australian Storytelling Guild NSW, member of FEAST (Federation of Asian Storytellers) and editor of 2 FEAST anthologies of Asian Folktales.
Kiran was a social worker and early childhood educator before discovering storytelling 24 years ago. Kiran enjoys telling to anyone, anywhere. She loves to tell folktales (particularly from Asia) and has performed and conducted workshops internationally and participated in many storytelling festivals around the world.
덴마크 (Kingdom of Denmark) Hans Laurens
Hans Laurens is a trained architect turned professional storyteller. He is based in Copenhagen and is the founder of the storytelling theatre BestTellers in the same city. His main focus is telling stories with children. His vision is to give children a voice through storytelling as stated in the UN charter on children’s rights.
싱가포르 (Singapore) Rosemarie Somaiah
Rosemarie Somaiah is Partner with Asian Storytelling Network (‘ASN’) in Singapore. A performer, writer and pedagogue for over 20 years, she has created content, led workshops and shared stories with all ages in Singapore and overseas. She has performed at schools, universities, museums and international festivals. Rosemarie has led The Storytellers’ Circle of the Society for Reading and Literacy (SRL) for more than ten years and has been a steering committee member of the National Library Board’s ‘READ! Singapore’ initiative. She is a member of the Singapore Drama Educators Association (SDEA) and a founding member of the Storytelling Association (Singapore).
태국 (Thailand) Wajuppa Tossa
Wajuppa Tossa is an English literature university professor turned professional storyteller. In addition to her appearances at numerous festivals in Southeast Asia, the Americas, and Europe, she established the first Thailand International Storytelling Festival. Audiences love how she brings Thai folktales to life and helps them learn about Thai culture.
스코틀랜드 (Scotland) Marion Kenny
Marion Kenny is a charismatic live performer, one of Scotland’s leading storytellers, a highly regarded multi instrumentalist, and an inspirational trainer. Marion’s father Patrick was a tweed weaver from Donegal in Ireland and from a long tradition of oral storytellers. Her mother Audrey is a professional musician and comes from long line of musicians hailing from Worcestershire in England
미얀마 (Myanmar) Thant Zin Soe
Thant Zin Soe is a storyteller and children ’s book writer based in Yangon. He has written 11 storybooks and edited several publications for the younger audiences.
싱가포르 (Singapore) Roger Jenkins
Roger Jenkins is a director FEAST ( Federation Asian Storytellers) founded the 398.2 Storytelling Festival in 2015 to showcase our local community of tellers, and through our work with Story Connection Ltd, built around the annual Story Carnival@Enabling Village which celebrate diversity and the social model of disabilitiy.
말레이시아 (Malaysia) Ng Kok Keong
Ng Kok Keong has been mesmerizing his audience with stories since 2006. His storytelling passion coupled with his ability to tell stories in Mandarin, English and Malay Language has taken him all over Malaysia and overseas such as Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan. Kok Keong is the principal of Tadika Diyana (Montessori Kindergarten) and has been a columnist for Early Childhood Magazine since 2009.
인도 (India) Jeeva Raghunah
Jeeva Raghunah is a professional storyteller, writer and inspirational speaker from India. Having started her craft at the age of 5, she embraces a unique presentation style in which she becomes the props in her stories rather than limiting herself to being a narrator or character in what are overall animated and dynamic presentations.
인도 (India) Krishna
Krishna AbhyasaVidyalayam , Principal, Abhyasa Vidyalayam,Vijayawada Member, Deepa memorial Charitable Trust.
태국 (Thailand) Prasong Saihong
Prasong Saihong is a trainer and leader of the Storytelling Tours Assistant Directors of Storytelling Workshops,Storytelling and English Camps, and Storytelling's Festivals at Mahasarkham University, Thailand.
인도네시아 (Indonesia) Mochamad Ariyo Faridh Zidni
Director of the Indonesia International Storytelling Festival, Mochamad Ariyo Zidni, also known as Kak aio (Brother aio), is a well-known storyteller in Indonesia, storytelling coach and trainer, children story writer, and a lecturer who teaches classes on storytelling at the many University in Indonesia. Over the years, aio has been participated in international storytelling festivals as an international storyteller and speaker such as Singapore, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, and more.
박정애 (Jeong Ae Park) 작가. 스토리텔러
국립강원대학교 영상문화학과 교수
송영숙 (Young Soook Song) 시인
서울독서교육연구회 고문
임정진 (Jeong Jin Lim) 동화작가
문예창작학과 객원교수
이종숙 (Jong Sook Lee) 알레테이야 대표
해우재 박물관 스토리텔러
김안숙 (Ahn sook Kim) 한국국제스토리텔러협회 이사
대구 지부장
신연숙 (Youn Sook Shin) 한국국제스토리텔러협회 이사
김성수 (Sung Soo Kim) 현 인형극단친구들 대표
전 수원여대 유아교육과 겸임교수
강혜경 (Heygyeong Kang) 한국열린사이버대학교
실용영어학과 학과장
김충근 (Chung Keun, Kim) 풀피리그림책 스토리텔러
신곡초등학교 교장
김지현 (Jihyune Kim) (사)한국작은도서관협회
두근두근 그림책연구소
영어그림책 대표
두근두근 그림책극단 대표
이영애 (Young Ae Lee) 알레테이야 이사
장미희 (Mihee Jang) 알레테이야 이사
아이북랜드 스토리텔러
임진경 (JinKyung Lim) 알레테이야 이사
아이북랜드 스토리텔러
조미선 (Misun Choi) 안디아모 Andiamo TV 운영
다국어 도서관 대표
조서진 (Seo Jin Cho) 운중초등학교 6학년
주영은 (Young Eun Ju) 성남 장안초등학교 4학년
이다은 (Da Eun Lee) 도촌초등학교 6학년
김은성 (Lizzy Kim) 유튜브 스토리텔러
리지의 스토리타임 운영
김은옥 (Eun Ock Kim) 서울독서교육연구회 회장
스토리텔링 슈퍼바이저
정영임 (Young Im Chung) 서울독서교육연구회 연구회원
임현경 (Hyeon Kyeong Lim) 서울독서교육연구회 책고리
이야기공연단 단장
스토리텔링 슈퍼바이저
송경애 (Gyeong Ae Song) 서울독서교육연구회
책고리 이야기회 회장
스토리텔링 슈퍼바이저
송영희 (Young Hee Song) 서울독서교육연구회 운영위원장
스토리텔링 슈퍼바이저
문은실 (Eun Sil Moon) 서울독서교육연구회
책고리 낭독모임 대표
이영숙 (Young Sook Lee) 서울독서교육연구회
김흥제 (Heung Je Kim) 서울독서교육연구회
이은희 (Eun Hee Lee) 서울독서교육연구회 연구회원
류은제 (Eun Je Ryu) 서울독서교육연구회
이야기공연단 연주자
문기섭 (Ki Seub Moon) 서울독서교육연구회